once you get this message say 5 facts about yourself then send it to 10 of your favorite followers :-) xx

Hey, thank you! I wasn’t able to answer yesterday or earlier bc I wasn’t on my computer and idk what to ever say in these things but here we go

1. i’m a pisces 

2. i like cheesecake like yooo

3. i went through a heavy rap music bit when I was like 14-15 

4. i’m not a fashion person idk i just don’t get it usually

5. i really reaLLY want to be a superhero like put in the Marvel-verse pleaSE

What's your name??

Hey, idk when this came in but my internet’s back on so sorry if it’s late, but it’s Sadie :)

I'm pretty sure I meet you! Were you with 2 other girls by any chance??

3, but one wasn’t hanging around much. Man that’s really cool, I hope we did :)

Hey this is weird but I saw you said you ate in the restaurant at the house of blues and did you happen to meet 4 girls because... Idk it'd be cool if I had met you

I actually met four girls but it was outside in line. It would’ve been cool to meet you too tho, I wonder if we crossed paths at the bathroom or something

Suddenlink is messing with internet in my area so I’ll have to write about the concert tomorrow but I’ll make an AU also to make up for it


AAAAAHHH GOOD FOR YOU!! HE SAW ME BUT I WAS A LITTLE TOO FAR BACK FOR HIM TO TOUCH ME BUT I GOT SPRAYED BY HIS WATER AND MY SISTER GOT HIS GUITAR PICK AAAAHHH It was fun but I think im out of the teenage concert game after our 1d one later in the year bc I got so sweaty and was pushed so much that im gonna try to stick to more chill crowds

Concert’s over, I’ll tell you guys about it when I get on my computer

Chocolate by the 1975 came on and everyone started singing

Channeling my inner Kelley bailey