Someone’s making an Eleanor and Park fanvideo thing and is going to use Calum for Park and after everything I’ve read about that book, her doing that rubs me the wrong way

Never go on a cruise then like a year later watch a whole lot of suite life on deck bc you will get sad and diE

5 Seconds of Summer - SiriusXM Studio, April 22, 2014 

I’m on my own dash yooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I’m on my own dash yooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Awesome!! I'll check it out but I'm actually going to sleep right now so goodnight :)

Goodnight :)

5sos#dressingroom BONANNA (Calum hates me)

That sounds so interesting! Is it on netflix? I'm so interested now haha

It’s not unfortunately but you can find it here :)

No I haven't, but I've heard a little bit about it. Although I don't think I fully understand what it's about

ok well Lee Pace plays Ned the Piemaker and he can bring people back from the dead but only for a minute or else someone nearby dies and once he touches them, if he touches them again, they die again. He uses the power to buy expired fruit and bring it back to life to use in his pies, and to help private detective Emerson Cod solve murders. On one of the cases, he finds out that his childhood sweetheart has died and he brings her back to life to solve her murder but doesn’t touch her again so she stays alive but he can’t touch her again. Unfortunately, there’s only two seasons and it ends on a hUge cliffhanger but it’s totally worth a watch

Yay Marvel!! I just saw the movie last week! It's amazing and yes Bucky is lovely!

I’m so excited for Guardians of the Galaxy too! Lee Pace is gonna be in it and oh I love him. Have you seen Pushing Daisies?